DragonTeach: Learning system

Challenge: While I was at Sheridan, marking and general organization was taking a large amount of time. It was taking instructors 10 hours per week to mark the lab work the students were generating.

Solution: Created a WordPress Plugin that would allow the students to test their own work, as well as the instructor to do a mass-test of all the students work. The plugin would also keep track of what class the student was in and generate how active they were in the forums. This solution became more generic with the goal of sharing it with other instructors.

Result: With the automated testing, it reduced the marking time to less than an hour per week.

SamuraiWP: Site Management

Challenge: There is not a good management system for small freelance WordPress developers which can allow them to, see at a glance, all the details for all the sites the manage and maintain as well as automate setup and sandboxes for their client sites.

Solution: Create a system for managing WordPress sites which includes monitoring of the status of WordPress web sites, including versions, backups and updates improving site security and operational insight.

Result: The automation system reduces initial setup time for a WordPress site from an hour to 5 minutes Reporting reduces the chance that issues are going to get missed.

Line Of Business Software

Challenge: A client wanted to improve their efficiency generating reports for their clients. Each of their clients have a different reporting requirements and it was taking 4+ hours per day for one person to generate all the reports. Additionally, there was a general wish to improve the overall efficiency of the organization using software.

Solution: Build a custom web application that gives and easy, efficient interface for their business intelligence ( data entry, reporting, and automation ).

Result: The reporting takes virtually no time per day because it is completely automated. The system was useful enough to take over as the primary line of business software.

Customer Survey/Consultation sites

Challenge: My clients have a number of large electrical utilities who need to do customer consultations. The survey software out there was not flexible enough to do all the requirements and still look attractive and easy to use.

Solution: Build a web based solution to accept data of all kinds to be entered.

Result: The sites allowed 10,000+ people to have their voice heard with 100% uptime.