DragonTeach: Learning system

DragonTeach is a learning system to create efficiency for instructors and a better learning experience for students.  The initial build was while I was an instructor at Sheridan College where it allowed us to improve our marking efficiency by 1000%.  The current system at https://www.dragonteach.com/ is a completely redesigned and rebuilt system from the original allowing […]

Line Of Business Software

From 2012-2016: Built a line of business software for a telemarketing client. It started off as a simple application to convert a set of simple custom reports in CSV format to a reporting format that their clients wanted; it turned into a full line of business software. The original process involved someone manually entering the […]

My Ipsum

I’ve been watching the How To Train Your Dragon movies and tv episodes lately, and I’m a little obsessed with dragons. I want a dragon to ride, because that would be the most fun thing ever! I went looking for a HTTYD ipsum, and I couldn’t find one, so, I made one. http://www.malfunctioned.com/dragonsum BTW: malfunctioned.com […]