DragonTeach is a learning system to create efficiency for instructors and a better learning experience for students.  The initial build was while I was an instructor at Sheridan College where it allowed us to improve our marking efficiency by 1000%.  The current system at https://www.dragonteach.com/ is a completely redesigned and rebuilt system from the original allowing automated marking, webspace setups for students, and a communications system via forums.  The goal is to reduce instructor marking time and improve student comprehension and engagement.

  • Students have an online tester to check the labs or assignments (controllable by the instructor) to make sure they are on the right track.
  • The students have a forum they can communicate with each other and the instructor.
  • By signing up on the forums, the student gets a webspace which they can post their work to.  The webspace is a common system for all students, making the lessons easier to build