Line Of Business Software

From 2012-2016: Built a line of business software for a telemarketing client.

It started off as a simple application to convert a set of simple custom reports in CSV format to a reporting format that their clients wanted; it turned into a full line of business software.

  1. The original process involved someone manually entering the appropriate data from their current line of  into a web interface and then, automatically sending out reports on that data.
  2. An invoicing section was added to the interface, to used the data from the entry to invoice their clients as well.
  3. They changed the line of business software they used to one that used a PostgreSQL database.  Automation was added to draw data from the database directly, removing the need for manually entered data
  4. The new line of business system was not working properly, and it was decided build a new one, tailored exactly to their needs.  This involved getting a third-party dialing software, and integrating the  the existing system with it.
  5. A time keeping section was added with API integrations into their dialer to find out how many hours people were working and transferring it to their employee payment system

The system, became a fully customized line of business software offering 20+ report types on multiple data, invoicing, automation, front-end for the agents, employee management (including calculating payroll and time entry).

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