WordCamp Toronto – WP-CLI talk

I just finished my WP-CLI talk, and I think it went well. I have allowed comments on this page, so please tell me what you thought about my talk. Here are my slides for it… These are by slides here

Accepted! WordCamp Toronto

I’ve been accepted to speak at WordCamp Toronto!   Come to my talk “Intro to WP-Cli”.  I don’t know when it is, but keep checking here on my site, or at the WordCamp site (https://toronto.wordcamp.org/2015/)  

For WordCamp Toronto look what I created

For those of you who don’t know, this cute little yellow guy is a Wapuu.  It was created in Japan as the unofficial mascot for WordCamps and WordPress.   You can find out more about him Here. The Wapuu is licensed GPL, so, anyone can use it to create a mascot for the WordCamp in … [Read more…]

WordCamp Milwaukee

My first talk at a WordCamp was in Milwaukee, yesterday. WordCamp is a blast as always, and was a great place to start speaking about WordPress. These are my slides: Top 10 WordPress hacks